20-24 September 2021


Loyalty Programme

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Information to Exhibitors - the Loyalty Programme

The EFC has set up the Loyalty Programme, a reward system granting priority on choosing the location of the booth to its most committed exhibitors. The Loyalty Programme aims to achieve a fair rewarding system for all exhibitors, and is governed by the following priority rules:

  • Exhibitors booking one year in advance at the preceding EUROCORR,
  • Main EUROCORR sponsors,
  • Affiliate Members,
  • Long-time returning exhibitors, according to a score calculated on the basis of participation to past EUROCORRs.
The Loyalty Programme has been pre-tested for EUROCORR 2019, and was renewed for EUROCORR 2020. Now the benefits of the programme are available for exhibitors of EUROCORR 2021 too. To enter the Loyalty Programme for EUROCORR 2021, exhibitors should simply register before 28 February 2021.

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To register for the EUROCORR 2021 Exhibition, contact Nóra Éles-Etele at