19-23 September 2021

Budapest, Hungary


Our motto: Materials science and advanced technologies for better corrosion protection

Domestic industries, research and development centres, and educational institutions encounter corrosion related materials degradation problems time to time. Since its foundation in 1992 the Hungarian Corrosion Society (HUNKOR) has got its mission and endeavour to serve the needs of these branches.

Now HUNKOR, the Hungarian professional corrosion engineering society together with Diamond Congress Ltd. has got the privilege to host and organise the annual Congress and Exhibition of the European Federation of Corrosion /EFC/ in Budapest in 2021. Each and every year this event is the largest and most important one in Europe attracting many attendees coming from other continents as well.

It means that attending EUROCORR 2021 Conference and Exhibition in Budapest should and will provide a great opportunity for all the materials and metals processing and metal parts manufacturing and assembling companies. Colleagues are also welcome from the primary metal producers to the surface finishing specialists, dealing with sophisticated techniques of surface and corrosion protection technologies including the implementation of evolving new materials, special additives and novel composites used e.g. in coatings and in many other ways to fight against corrosion and protect our products from unexpected or too fast degradation leading to materials failures and sometimes even to catastrophic events.

Considering the new international trends in this field, the motto of EUROCORR 2021, Budapest is the following:

Materials science and advanced technologies
for better corrosion protection

To reach this aim, the organisers of EUROCORR 2021 would like to invite You to contribute in this important event, which will provide high-level scientific presentations scheduled in many parallel sessions for four days. Our agenda includes plenary and keynote lectures by internationally recognised experts, several workshops, discussion forums and exhibition to let industrial stakeholders introduce themselves in an effective way.